Business Intelligence is More Important Now Than Ever

These are unprecedented times and we have never been more unsure about the future which is why Business Intelligence is more important than ever.

As we struggle to recover, reorganize and possibly pivot our systems, we will need to use our BI tools in ways we have never done before.

In the 2008/9 Financial crisis, the organizations that used BI effectively fared much better than those that did not. We worked with companies back then to use their existing BusinessObjects tools to make strategic decisions that enabled them to save money when they had no money to spend.

You will need to be creative to transform your systems and your organizations to make it to the other side.

The SpeakBO Experience can help take you to the other side with new knowledge and ideas from some of the most experienced BusinessObjects experts on the planet.

Introducing: The SpeakBO Experience

Since we can't meet in person this year, we are bringing the experience to you from the comfort of your home or office!


We know how fast things move in the world of BOBJ and BI, don't fall behind on today's latest trends!

  • Access to 5 days of live sessions led by BI experts covering everything in the world of BusinessObjects

  • Live, dynamic seminars on BI 4.3, Web Intelligence, IDT Universe Design, BusinessObjects Administration, Dashboard Design and Data Visualization

  • Customer case studies presented by REAL customers - no holds barred!

  • Live Q&A and breakout sessions

  • Connect with other BI professionals in the BusinessObjects Community

A Virtual Live Event About Everything BusinessObjects

Since we can't meet in person this year, we are bringing the experience to you so you can join us from the comfort of your home or office! The SpeakBO Experience will feature 5 full days of live, BusinessObjects knowledge exchange that some of you have come to know and love from being a part of the Let's Speak BO Webinar Series.

The SpeakBO Experience will start on Monday, June 22nd and run through Friday, June 26th. Each day will feature a different BusinessObjects themed track covering

  • Monday: Limitless BI
  • Tuesday: BO Admin + Universe Design
  • Wednesday: Dashboard + Data Visualization
  • Thursday: Web Intelligence
  • Friday: InfoBurst

Want Even MORE Expert Led, Hands-On Training?

Check out all of the boot camps we will be offering after the 5-day main event!

  • One-Day Hands-On Workshops:

    - IDT in a Day (June 29th)
    - BI 4.2/BI 4.3 Upgrades (June 30th)
    - BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Boot Camp (July 1st & July 2nd)
    - BO and Tableau Co-Existence (July 6th)
    - SQL for Data Analysts: Beginner/Intermediate (July 7th)

  • Two-Day Hands-On Boot Camps:

    - Mastering Tableau in Two Days (July 13th – July 14th)
    - SQL for Data Analysts: Advanced (July 20th – July 21st)
    - BusinessObjects Core Administration (July 27th & July 28th)

  • Three-Day Hands-On Workshops:

    - Creating Webi Dashboards (July 8th – July 10th)
    - Using Web Intelligence 4.2 Like a Pro (July 15th – July 17th)
    - Information Design Tool (IDT) (July 22nd – 24th)

What are you waiting for?! Time is running out!

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Silver Package

Access to all Experience Sessions over 5 days

Gold Package

All Silver Package Benefits + 2 BO Certs, 1 hour Dashboard Design Surgery & 2 dedicated 1 hour meetings w/BO experts/consultant

Platinum Package

All Gold Package Benefits + 3 Days of Instructor-Led Hands-on Training Courses

Platinum Plus

All Gold Package Benefits + 5 Days of Instructor Led Hands-on Training Courses